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5 conditions you didn’t know Physical Therapy can treat

December 16, 2022

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Vertigo is a mechanical inner ear problem that causes short periods of a spinning sensation when the head is moved in certain positions. This feeling of dizziness can make daily living a struggle and increase a person’s risk of falls. When treated with physical therapy, vertigo can be eliminated in as little as one session! Remember not all conditions are the same in every patient, and we create a plan of care that specifically relieves any pain you are experiencing whether it’s in one appointment or several.


Concussions can come with long-term problems like vertigo, balance problems, or headaches- all of which can be treated by PT! Whatever your symptoms are, after an initial evaluation, our therapists will work with you to ease your pain levels. Through manual therapy and guided exercise with a therapist, the patient can fully recover and get back to their favorite activities with no symptoms. If you were in an accident and experienced whiplash and a concussion, we treat that too!

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (Jaw Pain)

Another name for this complicated condition is TMJ. Our patients are shocked when they learn we can treat TMJ with physical therapy. Even some primary care doctors are unaware that we can treat TMJ. Our therapists will address postural issues, improve the alignment of the joint, as well as improve joint mobility to reduce jaw pain. Working with a physical therapist can get you back to zero pain in a few sessions. Most patients that have come in with TMJ say that PT helped their symptoms more than any medication or other modality they have tried in the past.


Headaches can be caused by a variety of factors which means treatment won’t look the same for every person. The most common headaches we treat are tension, sinus, cervicogenic, cluster, and migraines. If you experience any of these daily, you don’t have to suffer through pain. A therapist works by using manual techniques to help loosen up muscles and teach the patient about proper posture of the neck and upper body. These tactics will lead to decreased stress and tension that cause the headaches. You can also check out this blog on dry needling, which is a technique some patients ask for. Home exercise and guided exercise taught by a therapist will relieve your symptoms and get rid of headaches for good.

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor pain can occur in men or women. Our specialists are trained in evaluating the relationship between joints, soft tissues, nerves, and muscles of the pelvic floor. Whether the patients diagnosis is incontinence, prenatal or postnatal care, or general pelvic pain, our therapists will work on various parts of the body to reduce pain through exercise and manual therapy. Depending on the severity of the diagnosis, our therapists can treat most pelvic pain without any internal techniques (a relief for those who are hesitant to start).